I can stand on my own foot

Ram Bahadur Sarki (40) from Joryal 2 Ritha, was living a difficult life due being disabled and lack of regular cash income. He worked four year as a haliya, when he was in 17 years old. He went to India for job but not satisfied. After returning back to Nepal and got married.  He has a tiny piece of land that feed him only for few months. His livelihood became more vulnerable when had no any task for income. He was wandering here and there for employment.

In 2068 BS he thought to start a shoe renovation shop. He came to Buder bajar from Ritha village to open the shop. At first he started his business by investing Rs 2000/ in rented dhebli (gumti). Due to lack of equipments, he was making shoes in traditional way. At that time his income was reached Rs 200/ to Rs 300/ only. But when he received support of equipments/utensils from ELCA/LWF Nepal/USSBM, his enterprise became modernized. Now day he is earning Rs 1000/ to Rs 1500/ per day. Before receiving the supports from organization his business was irregular and sometimes he used to manage the task in his own house. Now his business is revived and gets regularity. Costumers are happy to get facilities of shoe renovation in their local market.  Now he is making new shoes and sandals also. Ram Bahadur is a chairperson in a Community Based Organization (CBO) called, Ritha Mukta Haliya Group, in Jorayal -2 Ritha, Baitadi. So, he requested the organization to help him buy equipments. With recommendation from the organization, he received 10,000 Rupees as a humanitarian support from ELCA/LWF Nepal/USSBM. He bought new equipments/utensils/machines with the money. After that, he has started repairing and making various shoes and sandals locally in the village market. Since then the villagers are benefitting from the services provided by Ram Bahadur as they can have their damaged shoes, sandals get repaired locally and getting facilities to purchase new one

Ram Bahadur has also improved relationship with each household head. He often gets gifts of agricultural products such as vegetables, corns, rice millet etc from village households in return for providing the services of repairing shoes, sandals of his villagers.

He says, “I had a shoe shop without any equipments/utensils/machines that became only for time pass. Other hand being all alone and disabled, I cannot plough the field or plant the crops. So I requested to ELCA/LWF Nepal/USSBM for equipments/machines. My request had accepted from the organization and I got support for purchasing new equipments. Now, my life has been easier, I can stand on my own foot and I want to thank the project for supporting me for my livelihood.”