Income Generation Through Tailoring

Yashoda Sarki (31) is a Freed Haliya residing at Jorayal Rural Municipality Ward No.2; Sela Yashoda is living in the village with her five family members. She got married with Dan Bahadur Sarki, she has 3 son and husband. They have no identity card of Freed Haliya from Government of Nepal. Though, her father in law had worked as haliya for many years before deceleration of freed haliya, but they have not haliya card till now.

Income Generation Through Tailoring
Yashoda Sarki and Sela Yashoda

She had very hard time to educate her children and run daily home activities even ask for debt to celebrate Dashain and Tihar festival. She was able to pay loan very hardly.

Mr. Dan Bahadur Sarki father was haliya who worked for 15 years as a haliya for livelihood and to pay debt of boss/master. Her husband daily work in market area but not earn money. Her husband habit was whole day do work and evening he start to drink then night quarrel in home. One day Yashoda left the home and she went in Maiti House (Father home).

After some years she involved in a community group formed by USSBM in partnership with ELCA/LWF Nepal and understands about the HALIYAS problems and challenges. Yashoda meet the staff of SAHAS project. During the visit they told engage in the TEP Class and join the Sela Freed Haliya group. Then she is joining in Shela freed haliya group and participating in monthly meeting of the group. She knows the rights of freed haliyas in the group. She also knows about the ways of income generation in the group. Then she takes TEP Class & joins the community Sela Freed Haliya group.

She started business of cutting and sewing as a self reliant pathway with the support of “SAHAS” project and able to transform her business in commercial business from subsistence level. She has also established Yasoda Tailoring and Training Center as registered in cottage and small industry development office (CSIDO).

She becomes very happy having a new machine that was running her livelihood by cutting and sewing occupation of community through worse machine as a barter system (Khalo System). Nowadays her children are going to school easily. Before became professional, she had very problem to buy books, copies and bags even had to borrow debt for that She has no any difficulties for education expenses of their children due to the regular income from her profession, she is satisfied. She is earning at least Rs 500/ per day. Sometimes she has been earning Rs 1000/-1200/ in the season (in the time of Dashain, Tihar, Teej and Gaura festival) and want to continued her profession.. She keeps ladies clothes also in the tailoring shop. Other women are also excited from her business. In addition to that five women have been trained on sewing, cutting skills at her firms where they started tailoring business and been self-employed.

She is devoted to this profession after receiving the sewing machine supported by the ELCA/LWF Nepal/ USSBM Doti.  Other people are also being attractive by looking her earning and life changing. She has become very popular in her local market Budar and established her job in that area. She says “I am very happy with this work because it helped to enhance my skill and traditional occupation.

Now, she is using her earning in three children education, health and basic needs in the family. She has started to construct her house building where installed the concrete foundation. She used to saving Rs 100 in Lagansil Freed Haliya Agriculture cooperative and Rs 200 in Chhahara saving and credit cooperative on daily basis.

Further Yashoda added in the situation of pandemic COVID-19 that she is sensitized about cleanliness, washing hand with soap and water in sensitive situation, use of toilet and its importance, balanced nutrients as well as empowered for discussion and talking in community meeting. The difficulties in daily livelihood is solved with help of her business. She said that the bitter condition of eating food and wearing good clothes for celebrating Dashain and Tihar by borrowing loan is now became easier to celebrate them.

Finally, she talked about further supports that it would be more beneficial to get the opportunities to work as tailoring trainer and advance sewing skills for gent’s dresses making. She is very happy to be received this great help from the project. She thanked to helping hands for her successful.