Title Date Download
Executive Board Member 2075-2078 March 25, 2022 Download
Fraud and Bribery Template of USSBM Doti 2076-2021 Download
USSBM Doti PSEAH CoC July 31, 2022 Download
USSBM Doti Social Audit Policy 2077 Download
USSBM Doti Good Governance policy 2077 Download
Anti Fraud Bribery Policy of USSBM Doti 2079 August 1, 2022 Download
WHRD Mobilization Guideline of USSBM Doti 2079 Download
February month Iodine Month Download
PSEAH Code of Conduct ….. USSBM Doti Download
Rule on sexual conduct for humanitarian workers ….. USSBM Doti Download
USSBM Doti BIDHAN August 2, 2022 Download
USSBM Doti Registration & Renewal Certificate 2078 Download
USSBM Doti Annual Plan of FY 2079080 Download
USSBM Doti Annual Progress Report FY 2078079 Download
DFAT COVID 19 Support Project Change story 2022 June August 3, 2022 Download
SAHAS-II Project Success Story 2022 June Download
Annual Plan FY 2078.079 OF USSBM Doti August 4, 2022 Download
Annual Progress Report FY 2077078 of USSBM Doti Download
Doti District Hospital Support photo DFAT COVID 19 Health security project August 5, 2022 Download
DFAT COVID 19 Support- Economic Recovery Project Photos Download
Doti District safe House support photos COVID 19 SUPPORT PROJECT Download
USSBM Doti FY 2077.078 Annual Plan Download
Annual Progress Report FY 2076-077 OF USSBM Doti August 7, 2022 Download
certificate of appreciation – USSBM Doti- COVID-19 Support Project- LWF Nepal August 16, 2022 Download
DFAT COVID 19 SUPPORT PROJECT Success story September 1, 2022 Download